CSA Pick-Up Protocols

Hi food fans!

I hope you are all feeling well and adapting to frequent hand washing and mask wearing as you navigate these times. As every other business has had to make adaptations for the foreseeable future, so too have we. 

CSA Pick-Up Times:

Saturdays 11am – 2pm

Tuesdays 4pm – 7pm

This will be our system for CSA pickups:

1. Bring your own reusable bags or basket to pickup.

2. Pull up as far as you can in the gravel lot, and park. Pulling up all the way to the edge of the greenhouse plants creates more space in the parking lot.

3. Put on your mask.

4. Wash your hands at one of our 3 handwashing stations.

5. Walk over to the 2 lines over by the distribution space. The lines have 6 ft spacing well marked so that you can maintain a safe distance from one another. If the lines are full, feel free to either wait in your car, browse the Schneiderwind Farm’s inventory, or stroll out to the field until there is room in the lines.

6. When prompted, come forward to the table to receive your share. Your share will be in a box. Big Shares will be in red boxes. Little Shares will be in blue boxes. Remove your veggies from the box and put them into the reusable bags or basket that you brought. 

7. Take your veggies to your car.

8. Once the pick-your-own items are ready, which usually begins in late June or early July, feel free to stroll out to the field for what’s being offered that day.

General Rules:

– Wear a mask at all times

Bring your own bags or basket

– Wash your hands upon arrival

– Wash your hands as frequently as you like : )

– Try to send just 1 person per household to pick-ups

Do not bring your dog to the CSA

– Maintain a shared attitude of kindness, patience, & good humor