Our 2020 Membership is Full


“Your CSA will always be the ‘gold standard.'”—Lara, Upper Black Eddy, PA

How It Works

1. Choose Your Share

  • Big Share, Every Week
  • Big Share, Every Other Week
  • Little Share, Every Week

2. Come to the Farm

  • Saturdays 11am to 2pm
  • Tuesdays from 4pm to 7pm.

3. Get your Veggies

For safety, we have decided to box all of the shares this season. Come to the table to take your veggies from your box and put them into your own bags.

Stroll out to the field for pick-your-own flowers & cherry tomatoes. 

The Latest Recipes

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  • Potato Breakfast
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Meet Your Farmer

Tinicum CSA is owned and operated by Bucks County native John Crooke. John grew up sharing the chores with his brothers on his parents’ dairy farm. His interest in organic vegetable farming began at Cornell University, where he co-managed the student farm at Dilmun Hill.