Looking Back On 2022

In 2022 we celebrated our 10th season at Tinicum CSA! It was an incredibly satisfying milestone for the farm, filled with extremely bountiful harvests and propelled forward by a caring, committed farm crew.  In terms of personnel and production, it was an extraordinary year. Through it all we had a fun time growing tasty veggies … Read more

10 Things I’ve Learned In 10 Years Of Farming

As we embark on our 10th Season, I’ve started to think about what I’ve learned over the years. It feels good to have reached this milestone. Each season presents unique challenges, but sometimes patterns and common themes emerge. This list is about those common themes and the lessons learned from them. I hope it gives … Read more

2021: A Memorable Year

Winter Greetings Fresh Food Fans!  I hope you are all finding time to rest, reflect, and move into the new year with gratitude, peace, and purpose. This time of year I get a chance to think about the past season and give you all an account of how it went. For many reasons, it was … Read more

Meeting the Challenge of 2020

Greetings food fans! I hope you are all finding time to rest, reflect, and move into the new year with gratitude, peace, and purpose. While the 2020 season was full of unprecedented challenges, it was also a year of farm resiliency, milestones, and abundance. Responding to the Pandemic By mid March the farm crew and … Read more

2019 In Review

2019 marked Tinicum CSA’s 7th season, and it was another successful year for your farm. Unpredictable weather remained a challenge, but we were fortunate to have less rain than last year. Still, Climate Change remained a daily conversation topic on the farm. Cooler than usual temperatures in early August slowed down the summer crops of tomatoes … Read more

Looking Back On 2018

Happy New Year from Tinicum CSA! It somehow seems fitting that December 31st, 2018 ended with rainy weather. In fact, 2018 was the wettest year on record for the farm, and with the exception of 2011, Pennsylvania’s wettest year ever recorded. Bucks County experienced +18 inches above normal rainfall, reaching a total of 66.2 in. … Read more

Farmer Stefan Waves Farewell

Farmer Stefan here. By now, I imagine that everyone has heard that I’m departing the farm this winter. John will be carrying the farm into the next season and beyond as the sole manager. After five seasons of vegetable glory with Tinicum CSA, I am starting a new chapter of life, which involves moving back … Read more

Growing an Idea into a Movement

[Editor’s Note: This is an article written by Cathy Snyder — the executive director of Rolling Harvest Food Rescue — about Tinicum CSA’s Donate A Share program.] Growing an Idea into a Movement In the middle of winter four years ago, before he had planted a single seed, before he had finalized any plans for … Read more

Spring 2017 Update

It finally feels like Spring here at Tinicum CSA, and your farmers are gearing up for their fifth season of growing. Greenhouse seeding and outdoor onion transplanting have set us on our way towards another abundant year of healthy harvests. As we proceed with the familiar annual tasks, we are also excited about new farm … Read more

2016 in the Rearview Mirror

Hello farm friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. Co-farmer Stefan here. Happy New Year! Happy 2017. I do hope this new year has begun with peace and gratitude in each of your lives. I’m writing today to offer a Farmer’s Perspective looking back at last year’s growing season. 2016 was our fourth year, and we think it … Read more