2014 Season Kick-Off

It’s been snowing hard all day. Looking out the window of the camper-trailer here at the farm, we guess we’ve gotten 8 inches so far … and it’s still coming down. Despite the snow, though, John and Stefan have spent the whole morning thinking about Marigolds! and Cherry Tomatoes! and Sweet Potatoes! We’ve been working … Read more

2013 End-of-Season Reflection

Tinicum CSA’s first season is wrapping up now. Many people have been asking us, “How was the season?” The simple answer is: It has been really great! This first year has gone so very well, and we have deeply enjoyed it. The weather was basically cooperative. The harvest was abundant. We harvested at least 27,188 … Read more

Reflections on a Sliding Price Scale

Co-farmer Stefan here. I wrote the essay below as an op/ed piece that was published in the Intelligencer. I’m biased, but personally, I think sliding-scale prices are fascinating. I wanted to encourage readers to think a little bit about what they are actually valuing with their purchasing dollars … and what they would like to … Read more