hot peppers

Ground Thai Peppers

Hey there spice fans! I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a little while. Last season we offered two types of pick-your-own hot peppers: a thai pepper called Bangkok and a cayenne called Red Flame. They were quite prolific. In an effort to save these spicy gems for later, I decided to dehydrate them … Read more

Cherry Tomato and Fire-Roasted Corn Salsa

Hi, Folks! Chips ‘n’ Salsa is a common right-after-work snack for Farmer Stefan, and since summer has set in, we’ve been able to enjoy homemade salsa. We’ve made a fresh, cherry tomato salsa several times, and it always disappears right away. For the recipe below, I’m detailing a version in which we used some grilled … Read more

Vegetarian Kimchi

Ready, set, ferment! This past season I made an effort to preserve more of the food we grow. I canned tomato sauce, pickled cucumbers & beets, dehydrated tomatoes, made sauerkraut, and made kimchi. The last one might be my favorite type of food preservation. It’s neat because it combines lots of vegetables and I like … Read more