How to Make Vegetable Stock

Have you ever wondered how to make vegetable stock? It turns out that you can use just about all of your veggie trimmings from the CSA for stock making. Here’s a little step-by-step guide for getting the most out of your CSA shares. Soon you’ll be enjoying extra nutrients in your rice and delicious soups. … Read more

One-Pot Bean Gumbo

Hi, Comrades in Food! Here’s a Mark Bittman recipe that I’ve made twice now in two different versions. Both times, it turned out really tasty, with plenty leftover for subsequent lunches. The recipe comes from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, and the version I’ve written up here is the more involved one (which features more … Read more

Roasted Okra

Let’s be honest: Okra is a tricky vegetable. My first accounts of okra growing up came from my mother who informed me that she never cooked okra because “it is the only food capable of being both hairy and slimy at the same time.” As such, I didn’t actually eat any okra until I had … Read more

Fried Okra

I decided to fry some okra the other night and it was good. I had it over brown rice, alongside a cheeseburger, and a salad. The okra ended up being a crispy, delicious side with the meal. Try it! -John Ingredients Okra, 8-12 (chopped) 1 Egg 3/4 cup Corn Meal Canola Oil (1/2 cup) Preparation … Read more