How to Make Vegetable Stock

Have you ever wondered how to make vegetable stock? It turns out that you can use just about all of your veggie trimmings from the CSA for stock making. Here’s a little step-by-step guide for getting the most out of your CSA shares. Soon you’ll be enjoying extra nutrients in your rice and delicious soups. … Read more

Daikon “Steaks”

Daikon “Steaks.” This is another instance in which I’ve had a notion of a recipe rattling around in the back of my head for a while … and finally, I have a chance to put it up on our website. So for all of you out there who have been wondering how one could possibly … Read more

Vegetarian Kimchi

Ready, set, ferment! This past season I made an effort to preserve more of the food we grow. I canned tomato sauce, pickled cucumbers & beets, dehydrated tomatoes, made sauerkraut, and made kimchi. The last one might be my favorite type of food preservation. It’s neat because it combines lots of vegetables and I like … Read more

Roasted Daikon Two Ways

This recipe is a tool for those times when you have a bunch of daikon, and you just want to use it up. I know I have those times sometimes… The first version of the recipe is extremely basic — just tossing the daikon with some oil, roasting it, and sprinkling it with salt and … Read more

Christine’s Sautéed Daikon and Tatsoi

With our first frost last night, the season just turned from “summer-fall” to “winter-fall,” and we’re in the midst of the autumn vegetables now. Two less-familiar crops that we have in abundance right now are daikon and tatsoi. Daikon is a Japanese staple vegetable — an oversized white radish that readily absorbs flavors when cooked. … Read more

Roasted Roots

This is an easy recipe for cooking root vegetables and it’s a great side dish. I love it because it combines so many vegetables and it adds color to the meal. The less common veggies give this dish great flavor. Celeriac tastes like celery, rutabaga is slightly sweet, and parsnips are deliciously sweet. I recently … Read more