Potato Omelet

Here’s one of my new favorite recipes. It’s basically combining hash browns with an omelet. And the cool part is that it tastes like there’s meat in it…but there’s no meat in it. Since this is a great potato year for the farm, you can make plenty of these omelets. Enjoy! Ingredients Olive oil 1/2 … Read more

$12 Arugula Salad

Some of you may remember a former recipe called $6 Arugula Salad. You’ll recall that when I make an arugula salad for lunch, co-farmer Stefan typically assigns an arbitrary, but humorous $ value to it. Any additional ingredients, beyond the most basic, increase the value. For example, the walnuts and cheddar cheese in the $6 … Read more

$6 Arugula Salad

The story behind this recipe title has to do with my daily lunchtime ritual of making salads. Co-farmer Stefan has taken to assessing a $ value for my salads based on the ingredients and it’s sheer size. The pricing is arbitrary and amusing. I like to include ingredients that I imagine a chef would use … Read more