Spinach, Apple, Radish Salad

Recently I combined spinach, apples, and radishes to make a refreshing spring salad. I tossed in a few other veggies too. The trick here is to squeeze lime juice over the salad, especially over the apples. That keeps the apples from changing color and it delivers subtle citrus notes.

Ingredients and Preparation

Spinach (washed and spun dry)
2 Radishes (sliced)
1 carrot
1 red pepper
1 apple (cut into bite size pieces)
1 lime

Wash all ingredients. Dry the spinach in a salad spinner. Slice up the radishes, carrot, pepper, and apple. Toss in a salad bowl. Squeeze lime juice over all and serve.

Variant: Add dried cranberries, walnuts, and feta cheese. Try a balsamic dressing.

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