Carrot Cashew Paté

Hey, folks! Here’s a quick recipe that Meave and I have used several times lately. This paté presents an uplifting, fresh taste. We like to share it at potlucks and parties because it’s vegan, raw, and gluten-free … plus very easy to whip up.

Many thanks to Meave’s dad for gifting us a Vitamix blender, which makes this recipe a one-step wonder! And thanks also to, as we have adapted the recipe below from their version posted here.

Here goes:


    4 medium carrots
    2 cups cashews
    4 tsp fresh ginger
    10 tsp fresh lemon juice
    4 tsp soy sauce
    8 tsp extra virgin olive oil
    4 tsp parsley or cilantro


1) Put everything in the blender. Blend it. Serve with crackers, crostini, or veggie sticks. (Some process photos are below.)

Carrot Ginger and Parsley

Blended Blender

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