How Stefan Eats Kohlrabi

For some of you, this is the first time you’ve had a kohlrabi staring back at you. What is this alien orb? How do I eat it?

There are actually a bunch of tasty ways to eat kohlrabi, but here’s the approach that I choose most often:


  • a kohlrabi
  • some hummus


1) Slice off what remains of the kohlrabi’s leaf stalks. Then cut the kohlrabi into slices — maybe 1/4 inch thick. The very bottom of the critter (next to the root) will be quite woody and tough. You might want to compost the two or three slices closest to the root.

Kohlrabi Slices

2) Now trim the outer rind off each slice. You can probably do two or three slices at once. (I tried peeling a kohlrabi with a vegetable peeler once. I do not recommend it.)

3) Cut the trimmed slices into fun-sized dipping shapes.

4) Dunk ’em in your hummus and eat ’em!

…and that’s how Farmer Stefan eats a kohlrabi.

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